Our Culture

ADVENT is always searching for talented individuals who can contribute to its mission of providing its clients with world-class engineering and consulting services. Whether you’re just beginning your career or looking to make a mid-career move, you should explore what ADVENT has to offer.

Since its beginning in 1988, ADVENT has fostered an organizational culture of accessibility, autonomy, and accountability.

ADVENT typically places its staff members on client sites to make them completely accessible to their client partners during projects and assignments. ADVENT site and project managers are always accessible to clients and staff members to coordinate and support on-site activities.

ADVENT has always provided its staff with a great deal of autonomy in assisting its clients find solutions to their problems. ADVENT’s autonomous staff has the power to make decisions ‘on the ground’ to maintain the tight timelines that characterize its clients projects and initiatives.

ADVENT’s passion for solving its clients’ problems is manifest in its staff members being fully accountable for their work on the behalf of clients. In turn, ADVENT’s management team holds itself accountable for meeting the career goals and organizational needs of its staff members.