Consulting Services

Advent provides a wide range of consulting services based on our expertise in the nuclear industry. A summary of the services is provided below:

Design Review

The consulting service during design review includes the following:

  • Design specification. ADVENT will review the design specification developed by the vendor. The review will include the criteria used to design the components, component classification and applicable design codes, design loads considered in the design, load combinations used to qualify the components, Codes and Standards identified in the specification, criteria associated with the component interface requirements, and material requirements.
  • System design bases. ADVENT will review applicable system design bases of the components and the system design drawings associated with the components.
  • Component design. ADVENT will complete a detailed design review and issue document comment resolution forms (DCRF) with review comments for resolution.

Fabrication, Shop Testing, and Shipping

The consulting services during component fabrication, shop testing, and shipping includes the following:

  • Review fabrication procedures associated with safety class material procurement, non safety class material procurement, safety component welding, non safety class welding, painting, fabrication etc.
  • Review material lists that include safety class material, non safety class material, weld material, and gasket material. Develop a checklist to perform site inspection during fabrication, shop testing, and shipping.
  • Review fabrication drawings.
  • Perform fabrication inspection and surveillance.
  • Witness the component trial fit that includes component setup, subassembly setup, and subassembly stack up, bolting, alignment, tolerance check, and potential air leak openings between connections.
  • Inspect subassembly components after they are painted.
  • Witness shop tests.
  • Review component packaging and shipping manifests. Inspect components for shipping damages.

Installation at Plant Site

The consulting services during installation at the plant site include the following:

  • Review installation work packages that include assembly traveler, site installation traveler and material control procedure. Develop a checklist to perform inspection during installation at plant site.
  • Provide consulting services for heavy rigging that includes technical requirements document, heavy rigging calculations, heavy rigging hardware, heavy rigging equipment testing, and down ending/upending system. Perform polar crane load capacity check.


  • Review test procedures. Develop a checklist to verify the tests.
  • Review test data.
  • Witness test for its acceptance.
  • Issue document comment resolution forms (DCRF) with review comments


  • A third party design review report will be developed to document the review findings in the work scope. ADVENT will develop a consultation report for work that will include the completed checklist and the explanation of findings. All work scope items will include a document comment resolution form.