Engineering Services

ADVENT’s services are based on our expertise in structural and mechanical engineering applications in nuclear facility engineering and can be broadly classified into the following sections:

  • Pressure vessel and piping stress analysis/qualification
  • Development of procedures, manuals and criteria documents
  • Pressure vessel and piping system design bases definition and loads
  • Vessel and piping stress design/analysis for static and dynamic load
  • Detailed finite element analysis/qualification of equipment, components, and
    pressure vessels
  • Qualification of pressure vessels, piping systems and pressure boundary
    components in accordance with ANSI B31.1, B31.3, ASME B&PV Code, Sections III and VIII and/or
    vendor-specified allowable stresses
  • Pressure vessel nozzle load qualification due to externally-applied piping
    loads using WRC Bulletins 107 and 297 or finite element analysis
  • Static/dynamic analysis of mechanical components for inelastic material
    behavior and other system nonlinearities (e.g. gaps, large displacements)
  • Underground piping qualification
  • Class 1 analysis and qualification – fatigue, stress and/or design reports
  • Experience-based seismic equipment qualification
  • Snubber velocity lock-up and drag force acceptance criteria
  • High temperature creep/fatigue analysis
  • Stress ratchet – ASME Section III, XIV-1400
  • Crack growth – ASME Section XI, Appendix A
  • HVAC Duct Qualification
  • HVAC Duct Qualification
  • Qualification of ductwork in accordance with ASME/SMACNA requirements
  • Seismic qualification of valves, fans, and pumps
  • Finite element and/or effective beam theory modeling
  • Thermal Hydraulics
  • Flow-induced vibration analysis
  • Flashing flow/cavitation determination
  • Analysis for vortex elimination in fluid storage tanks
  • Hydraulic components and equipment design
  • Containment pressurization analysis
  • Flooding analysis
  • Water hammer load development and forensic analysis
  • Safety and relief valve discharge load time history development
  • Pipe rupture (LOCA) thrust reaction and jet load time history development
  • Mark I loads development
  • Leak-before-break implementation
  • Heat Transfer
  • Class 1 piping and component through-wall thermal stress determination
  • Temperature distribution determination in solids and fluids
  • Heat exchanger design and performance evaluation
  • Development of temperature time histories associated with plant loss of power
  • Cable trays, conduit, and electric motor overheating heat transfer analysis